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Keeping tabs on a large fleet can be a tough job. In fact, it’s a job that can’t be done without a reliable program. Vehicle Fleet Manager comes with an easy to use interface that leaves plenty of space for items like “vehicle maintenance,” “service schedules,” “fuel logs,” and various other aspects of the fleet industry.


There’s nothing complex about Vehicle Fleet Manager, which is a nice change of pace from similar programs that offer more confusion than anything else. At the top of the Vehicle Fleet Manager screen, users will see a vertical row of logical fleet tracking options. Choosing any one of these options allows users to enter specific fleet details. Vehicle Fleet Manager also includes tabs that can be assigned to every vehicle within a fleet, and this makes tracking each truck much simpler.

Main Function

Vehicle Fleet Manager will keep track of as many vehicles as needed. Having the ability to enter specific information about vehicles within a fleet means having complete control over a larger, small, or medium sized fleet – and that’s an important and vital detail. In every manner, Vehicle Fleet Manager is an effective fleet tracking tool that is highly recommended.

Extra Features

Not only do fleet owners have to keep track of vehicles, but (as you know) it’s also important to keep track of each driver. Vehicle Fleet Manager includes a separate database for every employee within a fleet company. Details like a driver’s license number and other vital information can be added to these databases simply.


At $44.98, Vehicle Fleet Manager is a real bargain. Many other fleet tracking programs are much more expensive than this one, though very few competing programs are as easy to use as Vehicle Fleet Manager.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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